Bogyeol Chum Life

A dance of knowing your body, developing consciousness, and enjoying life

Changing the world by communicating and sharing with the dance of existence which changes perspective.


‘Bogyeol Chum Life’ was founded in 2016 in the process of broadening the spectrum of dance paradigm from ‘Spring Dance Theater’ which was founded  basing on contemporary dance.  

-  Community dance-based art, healing, education, performance, festival content platform 

-  Communicate with thousands of people from memorial ceremonies of Jeju 4.3 Incident, 5.18 Democratization Movement, Candlelight Square, Demilitarized Zone, etc. through the peacefulness of art, take the lead in reflection, healing, and restoring humanity, and restore individuals and communities, and promote creative connection through art 

-  Leading experimentation and implementation of online workshops, choreography, and YouTube content development in a rapidly changing era with COVID-19 to form topics and discourses on the social function and direction of art


Choi Bogyeol

“Dance is not just on stage. Our life, itself is dance.”

“Movement is our future and vision." 

Contemporary dancer, choreographer, educator

<Bogyeol Dance> was founded under the influence of Anna Halprin and Eastern philosophy, after developing the principle and methodology of universal dance to mankind.

Self-improvement meditation technique in which the nature of art becomes a skill in life, and <Healing Community Dance>, a playful insight art through improvisational expression, were turned into content to launch a 'Dance for All' cultural movement.

- The main concepts are experimenting with ecological and nomadic dances with sensory feeling, breathing and bone dance, waves, improvisation, "nature and dance" and "dance in the square," and opening up a new horizon of body revolution and dance by asking the source of existence.

Choi Bogyeol's View

- Based on East Asian thinking and worldview, it expresses human introspection, human relationships, and social conscious themes with sensitive sensibility and painful sense of humor. She is pursuing the work of discovering the original form of gestures and creating the language of dance.

- Recently, she is interested in dancing with all people (non-professional dancers) and is expanding the scope of her work. Just like an archaeologist looking for an ancient civilization, she is searching for the origin of dance from a body without prior knowledge of dance.

- This is because the body is already like a museum in which the traces of civilization and history from ancient times are contained. We're just approaching the immeasurable dance of depth and breadth. By integrating the philosophy of dance, life, art, and education, we are practicing dance that is applied to life and transforms oneself, and dance as a creative healing.